Iron Metabolism Quiz
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Iron Metabolism Quiz

"Test Your Knowledge on Iron Absorption and Storage in the Body" - Take this quiz to assess your understanding of how iron is absorbed by the body, regulated at the intestinal level, and stored in different organs. Explore the role of hemeproteins, transferrin, and RES in iron metabolism. Perfect for medical students, healthcare professionals, and anyone interested in learning more about iron physiology. Keywords: iron absorption, body iron status, hemeproteins, transferrin, RES,

Questions and Answers

What is the main protein responsible for transporting iron in the blood?


Where is iron mainly stored in the body?

Bone marrow, spleen, and liver

What is the average iron content in the human body?

3-4 g

Study Notes

Iron Transport and Storage

  • The main protein responsible for transporting iron in the blood is transferrin.
  • Iron is mainly stored in the body in the liver, spleen, and bone marrow.
  • The average iron content in the human body is approximately 3-4 grams in adult men and 2-3 grams in adult women.

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