Introduction to SPSS: Statistical Package for Social Sciences

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What does SPSS stand for?

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences

Which field commonly uses SPSS?

Social Sciences

What is SPSS capable of handling?

Large amounts of data

How can you open SPSS?

Put the cursor on Programs or All Programs and double click the left mouse button

What is the Data Editor window used for?

Displaying data from a file

Where is SPSS commonly used?

In both the Social Sciences and business world

What is the file extension for the data saved in the Data Editor?


Where can you specify the format of your data or check the format of a pre-existing file?

Variable View

Which menu is responsible for adding new files or extracting old files?

File List

Which list is responsible for modifying, sorting, transforming, and merging the data that has been entered?

Data List

Which menu provides additional information in the event the user requests it?

Help menu

Where can you see the data you are using in SPSS?

Data View

Which window appears automatically when the SPSS program is started for entering data into the program?

Data editor window

What does the Title bar in the Data Editor hold?

.sav file name

Which list is responsible for analyzing the data in a statistical way in SPSS?

Analyze List

What can you do using Variable View in SPSS?

Specify format or check format of pre-existing files

This quiz provides an introduction to SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences), a Windows-based program used for data entry, analysis, and creating tables and graphs. It is commonly utilized in the Social Sciences and business world for handling large amounts of data and performing various analyses.

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