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The Pages Router is the newer router in Next.js that supports React's latest features.


The App Router allows you to use Server Components and Streaming.


The sidebar navigation in the documentation includes a dropdown menu to switch between App Router and Pages Router features.


It is not necessary to have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and React to benefit from the Next.js documentation.


The Installation guide is the first page you should visit when starting with Next.js documentation.


What is the primary purpose of a schema in a database design?

To efficiently store and retrieve data

How do stored procedures improve database performance?

By optimizing the execution of SQL statements

In SQL, what is the purpose of the DELETE command?

To remove specified records from a table


Study Notes

  • Next.js is a React framework for building full-stack web applications.
  • It abstracts and configures tooling needed for React, such as bundling and compiling.
  • Next.js offers features like routing, rendering (client-side and server-side), data fetching, styling, image optimizations, and TypeScript support.
  • Two types of routers are available: App Router and Pages Router. The App Router offers advanced features like Server Components and Streaming.
  • To use the docs effectively, navigate through the docs navbar, table of contents, or search bar. Ensure you're aware of the selected router tab and the corresponding breadcrumbs.
  • A basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and React is recommended for using the docs. For React foundations, consider taking the React Foundations Course.

Learn about Next.js, a React framework for building full-stack web applications. Discover how it simplifies tooling configurations and optimizations, allowing developers to focus on building applications.

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