Next.js Introduction

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What is Next.js primarily used for?

Building full-stack web applications

What does Next.js abstract and automatically configure under the hood?

Tooling needed for React, like bundling and compiling

Where can you find the docs navbar in Next.js documentation?

On the left side of the screen

What are the two different routers available in Next.js?

App Router and Pages Router

What is the purpose of the dropdown menu at the top of the sidebar?

To switch between the App Router and the Pages Router features

Why is it important to keep track of which tab is selected in the sidebar?

To indicate whether you're viewing App Router docs or Pages Router docs

What pre-requisite knowledge is recommended to get the most out of the Next.js documentation?

Basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and React

Which browser and screen reader combination is recommended for optimal accessibility?

Safari and VoiceOver

Learn about the basics of Next.js, including its features and optimizations for building full-stack web applications with React Components. Discover how Next.js abstracts and automates tooling for React, allowing developers to focus on application development.

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