Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

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Systems that think like humans


Systems that act like humans


Systems that think rationally


Systems that act rationally


The ______ test (The Imitation Game): Operational definition of intelligence


Which of the following is NOT a definition of Artificial Intelligence according to the given text?

Systems that act irrationally

According to the given text, which task would NOT be considered as requiring AI?

Playing Wheel of Fortune

What did Alan Turing's article Computing Machinery and Intelligence discuss?

Conditions for considering a machine to be intelligent

Based on the given text, which statement best describes the Turing test?

"Can machines think."

What is the main focus of Artificial Intelligence according to the given text?

Performing tasks that require intelligence when performed by humans

Test your knowledge about the basics of artificial intelligence with this quiz. Explore the various approaches and definitions of AI, from thinking like humans to acting like humans and thinking rationally.

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