Introduction to Algae and Fungi

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What is the term for the study of algae?


Which word is derived from the Greek word phykus, meaning seaweed?


What is the cell type of some algae that are unicellular or multicellular?


Which type of algae has different cells performing various functions?

Multicellular algae

What lack stems, roots, leaves, and specialized reproductive organs?


Which classification of algae includes Chroococals and Oscillatoriales?


What is the main characteristic feature of algae?

Photosynthetic and lack well-defined body structures

Where are algae typically found?

Near or inside water bodies and sometimes on moist soil, trees, and rocks

What is the plant body of algae called?


What is the composition of the cell wall in most algae?

Cellulose and hemicellulose

What is the structure of the thallus of algae?

Dorsiventral, flat, and dichotomous branches like structure

Which statement about algal cell structure is true?

Eukaryotic algal cells contain a nuclear membrane and chromosomes

In which type of environment are most algae found?

Moist or watery environments near or inside water bodies

What are the primary energy sources for moist algae?

Photosynthesis and chemosynthesis

Which type of algae forms symbiotic relationships with fungi called lichens?

Algae belonging to Cyanophyceae

What distinguishes the cell wall of diatoms from other types of algae?

It is composed of silicified

This quiz covers the introduction of algae, including its occurrence, distribution, characteristic features, cell structure, economic importance, ecology, methods of reproduction, types of life cycles, and classification based on characters and habitat. It also touches on the classification of algae up to order level, including Cyanophyceae such as Chroococals and Oscillatoriales.

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