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Intractable Hiccups in the Emergency Department

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What is the recent evidence suggesting a highly effective maneuver for relieving hiccups?


Which maneuver involves simultaneous phrenic and vagus nerve stimulation by inducing diaphragmatic contraction and epiglottic closure?


What is the reported self-reported efficacy of the FISS method for stopping hiccups?


Which maneuver is thought to break cyclic reflex arc activation in persistent hiccups but is usually ineffective according to the literature?

Valsalva maneuver

What is the success rate of stopping hiccups reported in the ED using a simple makeshift system consisting of a coffee straw and water cup?


Which intervention for intractable hiccups is thought to be ineffective according to the literature?

Vagal maneuvers

This quiz covers the management of intractable hiccups in the emergency department, including available interventions and their effectiveness. It also discusses the importance of recent advancements in understanding and managing this condition.

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