Intra-Abdominal Viscera: Stomach, Liver, and Gallbladder Anatomy

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What is the shape of the stomach in the upper part of the abdomen?


Which of the following is NOT a part of the stomach?

Cardiac notch

Which surface of the stomach faces the anterior direction?

Anterior surface

How many orifices does the stomach have?


In which region is the stomach mostly protected by?

Lower ribs

What is the typical location of the fundus of the stomach?

To the left of the cardiac orifice

The part of the stomach where the pyloric antrum extends to is the:


The structure that attaches the stomach to the transverse colon is the:

Greater omentum

Which of the following arteries does not supply the stomach?

Phrenic artery

The stomach bed is lined by the:

Visceral peritoneum

The right gastroepiploic artery arises from the:

Gastroduodenal artery

The lymph vessels of the stomach follow the:


Which nodes collect all the lymph from the stomach?

Celiac nodes

What type of fibers are responsible for carrying pain sensation?

Sympathetic fibers

Which branch of the vagus nerve supplies the anterior surface of the stomach?

Anterior vagal trunk

What is the shape of the liver?


Where is the liver located in the abdominal cavity?

Right upper quadrant

What type of ligament is the falciform ligament?

False ligament

What is the name of the ligament that divides the liver into right and left lobes anteriorly and superiorly?

Falciform ligament

What is the name of the elevation on the inferior surface of the left lobe of the liver?

Omental tuberosity

What is the name of the groove that bounds the caudate lobe on the right?

Groove for IVC

What is the name of the fissure that lies between the caudate and quadrate lobes?

Porta hepatis

What is the name of the ligament that forms the posterior boundary of the quadrate lobe?

Fissure for ligamentum venosum

What is the name of the structure that provides attachment to the lesser omentum?

Lips of porta hepatis

What is the function of the coronary ligament?

To enclose the bare area of the liver

What is the percentage of hepatic arterial blood that mixes with portal venous blood in the sinusoids?


What is the name of the pouch in the neck of the gallbladder where gallstones may lodge?

Hartmann's pouch

Which nerve supplies the gallbladder and bile ducts?

Cystic plexus

What is the name of the ligament that connects the anterosuperior surface of the liver to the anterior abdominal wall and the under surface of the diaphragm?

Falciform ligament

What is the name of the artery that supplies the middle part of the bile duct?

Right hepatic artery

What is the name of the duct that forms by the union of the cystic and common hepatic ducts?

Common bile duct

What is the name of the sphincter that regulates the flow of bile into the duodenum?

Sphincter ampullae

What is the location of the gallbladder?

In a fossa on the inferior surface of the right lobe of the liver

What is the name of the lymphatic drainage of the gallbladder?

Caval hepatic lymph nodes

Test your knowledge on the anatomy of the stomach, liver, and gallbladder, including their locations, features, and relationships with other organs. Questions cover blood supply, venous drainage, and nerve supply. Assess your understanding of the porta hepatis, peritoneal and visceral relations, and more.

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