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Which empires were dismantled after World War I?

The Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, and German Empires

Which territories were redistributed among the Allies after World War I?

Ottoman territories and German colonies

Which countries became independent nations in their own right after World War I?

Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland

Which country chose to reunify with Romania after World War I?

Bessarabia (now Moldova and parts of Ukraine)

Which country was partitioned between the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland after the Irish Civil War?


Which region gained independence in the Middle East after World War I?

Egypt and Iraq

Which country became the base for Soviet communism and Marxism-Leninism?


During the interwar period, which country occupied large amounts of Chinese land and clashed with the Soviet Union along the Manchurian border?


When did the National Fascist Party come to power in Italy under Benito Mussolini?


Which country invaded and occupied Abyssinia (Ethiopia) in the Horn of Africa during the interwar period?


Which major country enacted women's suffrage after the Second World War?


Which country's aggressive moves included the remilitarization of the League of Nations demilitarized zone of the German Rhineland region during the interwar period?


Which region in Europe did poorly economically in the 1920s due to the First World War and Russian Civil War?

Eastern Europe

Which country's invasion of the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia was appeased by other nations during the interwar period?


During the Great Depression, personal income, tax revenue, profits, and prices all experienced which of the following?

Sharp decrease

What was the unemployment rate in the United States during the Great Depression?


Between which years did the Great Depression take place?


Which country's refusal to go along with naval disarmament efforts led to the collapse of naval disarmament during the interwar period?


What was the longest, deepest, and most widespread economic depression of the 20th century?

The Great Depression

What happened to international trade during the Great Depression?

It decreased by more than 50%

Which country's expansionist moves against the German-speaking nation of Austria were appeased by other nations during the interwar period?


In some countries, the unemployment rate during the Great Depression reached as high as what percentage?


What happened to prices during the Great Depression?

They decreased sharply

How long did the negative effects of the Great Depression last in many countries?

Until the beginning of World War II

During which years did the interwar period occur?


What were some significant changes that occurred during the interwar period?

Rise of communism in Europe

Which event marked the end of the interwar period?

The beginning of World War II

Which country experienced half-a-century of instability and a civil war during the interwar period?


What led to the prosperous Roaring Twenties during the interwar period?

Petroleum-based energy production

What were some technological advancements that became common during the interwar period?

Electric lighting and radio

Test your knowledge on the important stages of interwar diplomacy and international relations, including wartime issues, American involvement, the League of Nations, and relationships between new and old countries.

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