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What is the main focus of lexicography?

The compilation, organization, and editing of dictionaries

Which of the following is NOT a topic covered in the course outline?

Syntax & Semantics

What is the difference between lexicography and lexicology?

Lexicography focuses on the collection and analysis of data from a corpus, while lexicology focuses on word origins

What does the course highlight as important regarding classroom participation?

Respecting colleagues' opinions

In lexicography, what is one of the tasks related to defining words in a dictionary?

Studying word origins (etymology)

What information is NOT included in the course outline?

The structure of a corpus

What is the primary focus of lexicology?

The study of words and their meanings

What distinguishes lexicography from lexicology?

Lexicography deals with grammar and syntax, while lexicology focuses on word meanings.

What were the earliest forms of lexicography?

Simple word lists used for educational and administrative purposes

Who compiled the famous 'Greek-English Lexicon'?

Henry George Liddell and Robert Scott

What development in the Middle Ages contributed to lexicography?

Development of glossaries and dictionaries in various languages

What was the purpose of the earliest word lists compiled by ancient civilizations?

Organized by topic or semantic field for educational and administrative purposes

What makes lexicography different in the early modern period?

'A Table Alphabetical' was published as the first English dictionary

What does lexicology involve?

Exploration of word relationships and meanings over time

What are lexicographers interested in?

Word origins and etymology

What was the goal of lexicography during the early modern period?

Create accurate and useful reference works to help understand and use language more effectively.

Test your understanding of the rules and guidelines for the lexicography interpreting program Term 1 -22/23 taught by Dr. Maha S. Zaghloul. This quiz covers classroom etiquette, assignments, engagement, and communication expectations.

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