International Regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea (COLREGS) 1972

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What is the definition of 'VESSEL RESTRICTED IN HER ABILITY TO MANEOUVRE' according to COLREGS 1972 Rule 3?

A vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver as required by the rules and unable to keep out of the way of another vessel.

Which of the following activities would classify a vessel as 'Restricted in her ability to maneuver'?

A vessel engaged in replenishment operations while anchored.

What defines a 'VESSEL CONSTRAINED BY HER DRAUGHT' according to COLREGS 1972 Rule 3?

A vessel with a deep draft relative to available navigable water, limiting its ability to deviate from its course.

In what scenario would a vessel be considered 'Constrained by her Draught'?

When a vessel's draft limits its ability to navigate due to the depth and width of the waterway.

Which activity falls under the definition of 'Vessel Restricted in her Ability to Maneuver'?

Vessel engaged in launching torpedoes for military exercises.

'Vessel Constrained by her Draught' are usually restricted due to:

Narrow channels with limited depth and width.

'Vessel Constrained by her Draught' face challenges mainly when navigating through:

Shallow waters with insufficient navigational aids.

Which statement accurately describes 'Vessel Restricted in her Ability to Maneuver'?

Vessels RAM involve vessels laying submarine cables.

According to COLREGS 1972 Rule 1, what is the purpose of these regulations?

To prevent collisions at sea and safeguard lives and property.

Which term defines a Power Driven Vessel constrained by its draught according to COLREGS 1972 Rule 3?

A power-driven ship severely restricted based on navigable depth and width.

What characterizes a Vessel Constrained by her Draught compared to other vessels during navigation?

They are limited in their ability to change course or speed.

In what situation would a Vessel Restricted in her Ability to Maneuver face challenges while navigating?

Obstructed visibility due to foggy conditions.

Study Notes

International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972

  • COLREGS 1972 contains 6 parts (A-F) and 41 rules with 4 annexes
  • Objectives: explain COLREGS 1972, identify responsible parties, explain Rule 1, and define COLREGS terms

Application of COLREGS

  • COLREGS apply to all vessels in high seas and navigable waters connected therewith
  • Exception: areas within demarcation lines where Inland Rules apply
  • Special rules made by authorities or governments may apply in specific areas
  • COLREGS do not interfere with special rules made for roadsteads, harbors, rivers, lakes, or inland waterways


  • "Vessel Restricted in Her Ability to Manoeuvre" (RAM): a vessel restricted in its ability to manoeuvre due to its work
  • Examples of Vessels RAM: laying or servicing navigation marks, dredging, surveying, underwater operations, replenishment, launching/recovery of aircraft, mine clearance, or towing operations
  • "Vessel Constrained by Her Draught": a power-driven vessel severely restricted in its ability to deviate from its course due to its draught in relation to available water depth and width

Test your knowledge on the International Regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea, 1972. This quiz covers the outline of the regulations, different paragraphs of COLREGS 1972 Rule 1, responsibilities in cases of neglect/accidents, terms defined in Rule 3, and examples of a vessel RAM. Get ready to navigate through the rules of the sea!

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