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What is the main characteristic of an intermittent production system?

Production starts and stops at irregular intervals

Why are goods manufactured in an intermittent production system?

To fulfill specific customer orders

What type of machines are used in an intermittent production system?

General purpose machines

What depends on the customer's orders in an intermittent production system?

Size, shape, and design of the product

How is the finished product in an intermittent production system described?


Which factor makes the intermittent production system very flexible?

Small scale and wide variety of products

What is the flow of production in an intermittent production system?

Intermittent and irregular

What does the goldsmith's work represent in the context of production systems?

Intermittent production system

What does a small quantity of production indicate in an intermittent production system?

Flexibility to produce various designs

Test your knowledge about the intermittent production system, which involves manufacturing goods specially to fulfill specific customer orders at irregular intervals, producing a wide variety of products on a small scale. Explore the flexibility and characteristics of this production system.

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