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What is the definition of intercultural competence?

The ability to interact effectively and appropriately in intercultural situations, based on specific intercultural knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Which of the following is an example of intercultural competence in the workplace?

Collaboration with colleagues in foreign subsidiaries

What is the cognitive level of intercultural competence according to the model mentioned?

Intercultural knowledge

Which of the following activities contributes to developing intercultural competence?

Internship abroad

What is the relevance of intercultural competence in the context of purchasing department that sources globally?

Effective communication with international suppliers

Study Notes

Intercultural Competence Definition

  • Intercultural competence is the ability to effectively communicate and interact with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Examples of Intercultural Competence in the Workplace

  • An example of intercultural competence in the workplace is being able to adapt communication styles to accommodate colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Cognitive Level of Intercultural Competence

  • According to the model, the cognitive level of intercultural competence involves being aware of one's own cultural biases and being able to recognize and respect cultural differences.

Developing Intercultural Competence

  • Participating in cross-cultural training programs and workshops contributes to developing intercultural competence.

Relevance of Intercultural Competence in Global Purchasing

  • Intercultural competence is crucial in the context of a purchasing department that sources globally, as it enables effective communication and negotiation with suppliers from diverse cultural backgrounds, leading to successful partnerships and business outcomes.

Test your knowledge of intercultural competence with this quiz on relevant topics such as multicultural teams, international project coordination, collaboration with foreign colleagues, and more. Evaluate your understanding of intercultural communication and its significance in both professional and personal contexts.

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