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Which of the following is NOT a factor theory of intelligence?

Einstein's theory of relativity

How is intelligence defined and conceptualized in psychological research?

As a combination of fluid and crystallized intelligence

What method is used to assess intelligence?

Intelligence tests

Who proposed the concept of the g-factor in intelligence?

Charles Spearman

Which layperson's implicit concept aligns with scientific definitions of intelligence?

Being able to explain gravity

Which of the following best represents a factor theory of intelligence?

Getting a high score in an intelligence test

What is the primary focus of Thurstone's theory of primary mental abilities?

Identifying specific cognitive abilities

In the context of intelligence research, how is the g-factor best defined?

The underlying general factor of intelligence

Which type of intelligence is primarily associated with Cattell's fluid and crystallized intelligence theory?

Adapting to new problem-solving situations

Which of the following aligns with the layperson's implicit concept of intelligence?

Knowing everything about Jane Austen

According to the information provided, what is the range of correlation coefficients between intelligence and educational attainment?

0.3 to 0.7

Which book chapter discusses 'The truth about ability and accomplishment'?

Chapter 3: The truth about ability and accomplishment

What type of study design was used in Blackwell, Trzesniewski, & Dweck's (2007) research?

Longitudinal study

What is the focus of Poropat's (2009) meta-analysis?

Personality and academic performance

Based on the provided information, what is the primary association between intelligence and educational attainment?

Moderate to strong correlation

Test your knowledge on intelligence theories, measurement, and historical aspects of intelligence research. Explore scientific definitions, factor theories of intelligence, and assessment methods.

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