Intellectual Property Rights

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Match the following with the aspects of intellectual property:

Creativity = Value of intelligence and artistic work Ideas = Attribute of the creator Skills = Non-material efforts Labor = Research and skills

Match the exclusive rights of copyright holders:

Make copies = Distribute copies Produce derivative works = Display the work in public Perform the work in public = Make copies Display the work in public = Produce derivative works

Match the challenges of new technology with respect to intellectual property:

Digital technology = Makes copyright infringement easier Compression technologies = Make copying large files feasible Scanners = Change the media of a copyrighted work Internet = Makes derivative works cheaper

Match the discussion questions related to intellectual property:

How is intellectual property like physical property? = Similarities How is intellectual property different than physical property? = Differences Do you agree with the idea that someone can own intellectual property? = Ownership What is intellectual property? = Definition

Match the aspects of intellectual property with their descriptions:

Intangible creative work = Not its particular physical form Value of intelligence and artistic work = Comes from creativity and ideas Protected by = Copyright and patent law Attributes of the creator = Skills, labor and non-material efforts

Match the aspects of intellectual property with their characteristics:

Exclusive rights = Granted to copyright holders Challenges of new technology = Facilitates copyright infringement Intellectual property = Intangible creative work Copyright law = Protects intellectual property

Match the following copyright concepts with their descriptions:

Fair Use Doctrine = Four factors considered to determine copyright infringement Digital Rights Management = Collection of techniques to control uses of intellectual property International Piracy = Unauthorized copying or distributing of copyrighted work Free Domain Names = Domain names used to criticize or protest a company

Match the following anti-copying measures with their descriptions:

Dongles = A device that must be plugged into a computer port Activation codes = Required for software registration Copy protection = Prevents software copying Expiration dates = Built-in expiration dates for software

Match the following responses to copying with their descriptions:

Banning = Restricting technology via lawsuits Suing = Taking legal action against copyright infringement Taxing = Imposing a tax on digital media to compensate for losses Ethical arguments = Debating the morality of copying

Match the following concepts with their descriptions:

Free software = Software available for modification and distribution Speech Issues = Domain names used to criticize or protest a company Digital Audio Tapes = A type of CD-recording device Portable MP3 players = A device that can play digital music

Match the following copyright-related terms with their descriptions:

Economic value = The financial worth of a creative work Intellectual property = Protected creative works Trademark violation = Unauthorized use of a company's trademark Piracy rates = The amount of unauthorized copying in a country

Match the following companies with their DRM schemes:

Apple = A type of Digital Rights Management Microsoft = A type of Digital Rights Management Sony = A type of Digital Rights Management None = No DRM scheme mentioned

Understand the concept of intellectual property, its value, and how it's protected by law. Learn about the exclusive rights of copyright holders and how technology affects intellectual property.

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