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Which of the following is NOT a function of hair/fur mentioned in the text?


What is the name for the top of the nose in dogs, cats, pigs, sheep and goats

Planum Nasale

Which gland produces a secretion that coats the hair and traps moisture?

Sebaceous glands

Which phase of hair growth is the resting phase when the hair stops growing?

Telogen phase

Which type of sweat gland is NOT found in the planum nasale or footpads

Sebaceous glands

What assists in communication of identification of individuals; sensitive to sex hormone levels

Tail glands

Which type of gland stores secretion produced and is expressed during defecation or when the animal is frightened or excited?

Anal sacs

What is NOT a primary function of claws and hooves?


Horns are

Epidermal in origin and structurally similar to hair, grow continually and are not shed

Which of the following is NOT a function of horns or antlers mentioned in the text?


Which layer of the skin is primarily composed of keratinized clear cells and are inly found in very thick skin areas

Stratum lucidum

What are the majority of epidermal cells


Which layer of the epidermis is responsible for keratinization?

Stratum spinosum

What is the primary function of the dermis?

Provides structural strength

Which layer of the dermis is just beneath the epidermis and forms dermal papillae?

Papillary layer

What are the most commonly found cells in the dermis?

Fibroblasts, adipocytes, and macrophages

What are foot/paw pads primarily composed of?

All 5 epidermal layers

What is the function of foot/paw pads?

All of the above

Primarily adipose tissue for thermo-insulation and mechanical shock absorption


What are ergots and chestnuts?

Dark brown, horny patches on legs of horses

Which of the following is NOT a function of the hypodermis?

Produce keratin

What is the function of Langerhans cells

Phagocytize microbes and stimulate other cells of immune systerm

Which layer of the epidermis is responsible for producing new cells?

Stratum germinativum

What is the function of melanocytes?

To produce melanin

Which layer of the epidermis is the outermost and thickest layer?

Stratum corneum

In what layer of the epidermis are keratohyaline granules synthesized

Stratum granulosum

In which layer of the epidermis are langerhans cells located

Stratum spinosum

Which layer of the epidermis is attached to the epithelial basement membrane

Both A and C

What is the function of merkel cells

Form disks with nerve endings at epidermal-dermal junction, thought to aid in touch sensation

Contains meissners corpuscles


Vestiges of 2nd and 4th digits


Vestiges of carpal and tarsal pads of the 1st digit


Which type of sweat gland produces sweat that empties onto the skin surface?

Eccrine glands

Identify the cutaneous pouches of sheep

Infraorbital, Interdigital, Inguinal

Term for the loss of large % of hair volume at one time due to metabolic stress or illness

Telogen Effluvium

Which phase of hair growth is the active growth phase when the hair shaft lengthens?

Anagen phase

Transitional period between anagen and telogen phases

Catagen phase

What type of sweat gland empties into hair follicles

Apocrine glands

Have some antibacterial and antifungal properties

Both A and C

Has a hard outer layer composed of keratin, with an inner layer of corium

Hooves and claws

Identify the correct statement regarding Antlers

Dermal bone & arise from skull, are shed annually

What is the specific term used for domestic animals that are bred to be horned free


What is present in both sexes in giraffe's but only in male okapi's


What is conical or columnar skin-covered bone structures attached to the skull with vascularized innervated connective tissue


Which structure develops as cartilage initially, hardens into bone and fuses to the skull at sexual maturity


Which of the following is a characteristic of telogen phase of hair growth?

Quiescent, resting phase

Test your knowledge of the integumentary system and its related structures, including the layers of the epidermis, keratinization process, dermal structures, and functions of the hypodermis. Explore unique features like foot pads and nasal planum.

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