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What marked the beginning of widespread commercial use of mainframe computers?

The introduction of the IBM 1401 and 7090 transistorized machines

Which era saw the introduction of personal desktop productivity software tools?

Personal Computer Era

At what point did mainframe computers become powerful enough to support thousands of online remote terminals?


What type of machines marked the beginning of widespread commercial use of mainframe computers?

Transistorized machines in 1959

In client/server computing, what is the role of the client?

Acting as the user point of entry

What is the main characteristic of Cloud Computing Model?

Access to a shared pool of computing resources over a network

What is the purpose of enterprise-wide infrastructure in the Enterprise Computing Era?

Integrating disparate networks and applications throughout the firm

What determines the power of personal computers, according to the text?

Capacity and flexibility

What is the function of the control unit in a CPU?

Tells the computer system how to carry out a program’s instruction

What type of memory is volatile and loses its contents when the computer is powered off?


What does the acronym 'BIOS' stand for in the context of computer hardware?

Basic Input/Output System

What does a TV tuner do when installed in a computer system?

Allows the computer to receive and display television signals

What is the primary characteristic of secondary storage?

Nonvolatile storage

What technology do ink-jet printers use to produce images?

Spray ink at high speed

What causes 'tablet hunch' as mentioned in the text?

Improper alignment of the head to the viewing surface

How do hard disks store and organize files?

By altering the magnetic charges of the disk's surface

Which type of mouse has no moving parts and uses radio waves or infrared light waves for operation?

Wireless mouse

What type of scanner is commonly used in grocery stores for automated checkout and inventory control?

UPCs and MaxiCode readers

What type of readers contain tiny chips embedded in items and can be read using an RFID reader located several yards away?

RFID Readers

Which type of output device is known for delivering a much clearer and more detailed image than regular HDTV?

Ultra High-definition television (UHDTV)

What are the characteristics of solid-state devices (SSDs)?

They are faster and more durable than hard disks, and widely used in laptops and smartphones

What is the main function of a Storage Area Network (SAN)?

To link remote computer storage devices and provide efficient and secure access

What is the potential impact of quantum computing?

It will allow for tectonic shift in architectures and software

What is the role of nanotechnology in computer science?

It enables the perception, measurement, and building of materials at the nanometer scale

What is the main advantage of using a cloud storage service?

File sharing and collaboration

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