Inheritance and Polymorphism in Object-Oriented Programming

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What does inheritance create in object-oriented programming?

A 'is a' relationship among classes

What kind of characteristics does a specialized object have in relation to the general object?

All of the characteristics of the general object, plus additional special characteristics

Which term best describes the relationship between a post graduate student and a student?


What term describes the relationship between an employee and a person?

'Is a' relationship

Which relationship can be extended through inheritance in object-oriented programming?

'Is a' relationship

What is the purpose of inheritance in object-oriented programming?

To create reusable classes with shared characteristics

What is the term used for the relationship between a superclass and a subclass?

Parent-child relationship

Which keyword is used in Java to define a subclass?


What happens to private members of the superclass in a subclass?

They are not inherited by the subclass

Which keyword refers to an object's superclass in Java?


When a subclass is instantiated, which constructor is executed first?

Superclass default constructor

What must be the first Java statement in a subclass constructor when calling a superclass constructor?

super keyword

What is it called when a subclass method has the same signature as a superclass method?

Method overriding

Which annotation should be used before a subclass method declaration to indicate method overriding?


In a Salaried Employee class, how can the get_salary() method be modified to override the superclass method?

public double get_salary() { return salary + bonus - deductions ; }

What happens to constructors when a subclass is instantiated?

Superclass default constructor is executed first

Explore the concept of inheritance in object-oriented programming, focusing on the relationship between generalization and specialization. Learn how real-life objects can be specialized versions of more general objects, and understand how this concept applies to post-graduated students, undergraduate students, and their unique characteristics.

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