Information Technology Storage Devices

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What is defined as the most precious commodity of today's day-to-day business?


What is the key factor in the Information Age of a Global Village?


What is the purpose of output devices in a computer system?

To show us the processed data in the format we want it.

What term is used to describe the acceptance of data and information into a known work, its manipulation, and delivery of useful and meaningful output?

Data processing

What type of storage does secondary storage refer to?

Secondary storage usually refers to storage devices like hard disk, floppy diskettes, CDs, etc.

What technology has made the globe a virtually one-community area?

Communication technology

What plays a key role in the functionality and existence of various systems like education, medicine, and business?


What is the main function of main memory in a computer system?

Main memory holds data and programs temporarily.

What object is defined as the know-how about any object that exists and plays a role in any system?


What are the main hardware devices in a computer system?

Main hardware devices include input devices, output devices, main memory, secondary memory, inter-connectors, and networking devices.

How is software classified?

Software can be classified into system software and application software.

What is the purpose of system software?

System software is used to control the usage and allocation of different hardware components and enables other application programs to execute.

What is the difference between system software and application software?

System software manages the hardware and provides a platform for running application software, while application software is designed to solve specific user problems.

Define custom-built software.

Custom-built software is designed and developed for a particular customer's specific needs.

What is packaged software?

Packaged software refers to off-the-shelf programs or components developed for sale to software developers/users.

Explain the purpose of input devices in a computer system.

Input devices are used to enter data into the computer system.

What is the function of output devices in a computer system?

Output devices display the outcome or processed information from the computer system.

How would you categorize application software?

Application software can be categorized as custom-built or packaged.

This quiz covers the basics of information technology storage devices, including secondary storage devices like hard disks, floppy disks, and CDs. It also explores how these devices supplement main memory in a computing environment.

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