Information System and Systems Analysis Chapter 4 Quiz

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What is an information system?

A collection of people, procedures, software, hardware, data, and the Internet working together to provide information

Which of the following is NOT part of an information system?

Operating systems

What is the main purpose of an information system in an organization?

To provide essential information for running the organization

What is the role of people in an information system?

Using and supporting information systems

Which part of an information system are personal computers primarily concerned with?


What do procedures refer to in an information system?

The rules or guidelines for people to follow when using software, hardware, and data

What is the functional view of an organization?

A view that describes each function that the organization performs

What is the distinction between data workers and knowledge workers?

Data workers focus on handling raw data while knowledge workers focus on analyzing and using information.

What is the purpose of a decision support system in an organization?

To assist knowledge workers in analyzing and making decisions based on data.

How do competent end users contribute to an organization's effective use of information systems?

By understanding how information flows within the organization.

What is the purpose of software in the context of computer systems?

To convert data into information

What is the term used to describe the processed, meaningful form of raw facts?


Which of the following is an example of processed data?

Weekly payroll calculations

What are smartphones, tablets, keyboards, and other devices collectively referred to as?


In the context of information systems, what does the term 'data' refer to?

Raw, unprocessed facts

What is the main function of the Internet in an information system?

Provide a way to connect to other people and computers

Which area of an organization uses information systems to record sales and assist in decision-making?


Which level of management has different information needs in an organization?

Top, Middle, and Supervisors

What is the term used to define the equipment that processes data to create information?


What is the purpose of management levels in an organization?

Different information needs

Test your knowledge of information systems, organizational functions, management levels, and information flow within an organization. This quiz covers topics related to computer-based information systems as well.

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