Influencers and Consumer Behavior

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Which of the following statements accurately describes an influencer?

An influencer is someone who spreads contextually relevant messages that provoke actions from others.

What is the basis of an influencer's influence?

An influencer's influence is based on their authority, knowledge, and relationship with their followers.

What kind of behavior can influencers influence in others?

Influencers can influence others' purchasing behavior as well as other types of behavior.

Which of the following best describes an influencer?

A person who influences others' purchasing behavior

What is the basis of an influencer's influence?

Their knowledge about a specific topic

What is a parasocial relationship?

A one-sided relationship between influencers and their followers

What can a parasocial relationship lead to?

A stronger intention to purchase

Test your knowledge on influencers and their impact on consumer behavior with this quiz! Explore the characteristics and factors that contribute to their influence and learn how they shape purchasing decisions.

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