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What are the two main competing trends currently fueling a significant divide in India?

Development and identity politics

Which region in India is known for its wealth and modern advancements, such as startups and iPhone assembly plants?

The south

Who does Prime Minister Narendra Modi's party primarily rely on for votes?

The poorer, more populous, rural, Hindi-speaking north

What could be a potential consequence of the growing north-south divide in India if not managed properly?

A constitutional crisis and fracture in India's single market

In what ways can resolving the north-south divide in India positively impact the country's identity politics?

It could moderate India's harsh identity politics

Which Indian states make up the southern five that contribute significantly to the country's loans and foreign investment?

Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana

What percentage of India's electronics exports come from the southern states?


In the context of global supply chains shifting from China to India, what percentage of India's tech 'unicorns' are from the south?


Where do 66% of India's it-services industry's exports come from?

The five southern states

What percentage of 'global capability centres', where multinationals assemble professionals, are located in the southern states?


Study Notes

  • India is the world's fifth-largest economy, with a rapidly growing stock market, and is led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who combines economic development with Hindu-first populism.
  • A significant north-south divide is emerging in India, with the wealthy south driving economic growth and innovation, while the poorer, more populous north provides strong political support to Modi's party.
  • The south, comprising states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana, contributes disproportionately to loans, foreign investment, and economic growth in India.
  • The south also leads in key economic sectors such as IT services, electronics exports, tech startups, and global capability centers, showcasing a more advanced economic landscape compared to the north.
  • While Modi's BJP party thrives in the north with its Hindu-centric and populist agenda, it faces challenges in the south where regional parties promoting local languages and values hold more sway, indicating a political disconnect between the two regions.

Test your knowledge on India's economic growth, stock market performance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership, and the political dynamics surrounding Hindu-first populism in the country.

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