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Which direction do the winds of the southwest monsoon blow in?

Southwest to northeast

What is the main impact of western disturbances on the Indian subcontinent?

Heavy rainfall and temperature changes

Why does Chennai receive less rainfall than Kochi during the rainy season?

Chennai is shielded by the Western Ghats

What contributes to Shimla's cooler summer compared to Delhi?

Shimla's higher elevation in the Himalayan foothills

Why does Central Maharashtra receive less rainfall compared to Western Maharashtra?

The rain shadow effect of the Western Ghats

What is the main reason for soil conservation?

To reduce water runoff and prevent soil erosion

What is the main difference between Khadar and Bangar soil fertility?

Khadar is more fertile due to recent alluvial deposits

Why is red soil acidic?

Due to the leaching process which removes vital nutrients

What is the purpose of waste management in relation to resource conservation?

To reduce the need for extracting new raw materials

What does composting involve?

Natural process turning organic waste into nutrient-rich soil conditioner

Test your knowledge of the characteristics of the Indian southwest monsoon, including its direction of winds, rainfall patterns, western disturbances, and mango showers.

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