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What is one of the main purposes of research according to the text?

To provide a scientific basis for any practice

Which characteristic best describes research based on the text?


Why is research considered a cyclical process?

Because it starts and ends with a problem

What does research aim to advance according to the text?

Personal and professional qualifications

Which type of judgment does research exhibit according to the text?

Careful and precise judgment

What aspect of research helps in developing tools for assessing effectiveness?

Logical basis

In what manner is research conducted according to the text?

Methodical manner without bias

"Research provides solutions to problems concerning almost all issues encountered" implies that research:

"Addresses various encountered issues"

"Research aims to advance the personal and professional qualifications" suggests that research:

"Enhances both personal and professional skills"

"Research impacts decision-making" implies that research:

"Plays a role in decision-making"

Test your knowledge on the importance of research across different fields of study. Explore the significance of research in engineering, architecture, medicine, arts and sciences, education, management, tourism, and more.

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