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Which form of communication is described as the most effective and prevalent, yet with limited reach?

Individual channel

What are the four classifications of means of communication described in the text?

Individual channel, group channel, organizational channel, impersonal media

What are some examples of group channels mentioned in the text?

Pressure groups, advocacy groups, non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, religious groups, families, neighbors, circle of friends, specialist groups like doctors, teachers, and lawyers

Which entities use the organizational channel for communication?

Business organizations, political parties, civil service

What is the objective of organizations using the organizational channel for communication?

Disseminating their activities among their workers, employees, and civil servants

In terms of social transformation, what is the sum total of awareness, understanding, organization, and mobilization?


What are some examples of impersonal means of communication?

Display media, print media, broadcasting media, electronic media

What are the different types of impersonal media mentioned in the text?

Display media, print media, broadcasting media, electronic media

How are commercial broadcasting stations funded?

By the sale of time to advertisers for radio or television advertisements

What are examples of print channel communication mentioned in the text?

Newspapers, magazines

What is the difference between public broadcasting and commercial broadcasting?

Public broadcasting is usually publicly owned and supported by license fees or government funds, while commercial broadcasting is for-profit and supported by advertisers.

What are examples of electronic channel communication mentioned in the text?

Email, internet, telephone

What are the characteristics of community radio?

Serves a recognizable community, encourages participatory democracy, allows any member to initiate communication, uses appropriate technology, motivated by community well-being, promotes problem-solving.

What is the significance of access in community radio operation?

Access to the facility is crucial for democratizing the communication system, allowing people to interact with media products and facilities, maintaining open feedback channels.

How does radio play an active role in the developing world?

Radio in the developing world speeds up the process of change, making it understandable and acceptable through education schemes and projects for rural improvement and national integration.

What is the purpose of good personalities in radio programs?

Good personalities help give the station its own personality and attract audiences for broadcasting, creating a more engaging experience.

Why is it essential for community radio to use technology appropriate to the economic capability of the people?

Community radio should use technology within the economic reach of the community to prevent dependence on external sources.

How does community radio contribute to problem-solving?

Community radio promotes and improves problem-solving within the community through its programming and interactions.

Test your knowledge on bulletins, circulars, advertisements, and other impersonal means of communication used by political parties and businesses. Learn about display media, print media, broadcasting media, and electronic media as ways to reach a wide audience.

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