Immunity: Innate and Adaptive Defense Mechanisms Quiz

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Which type of white blood cell is involved in the second line of defense?


What is the primary function of natural killer (NK) cells?

Killing cancer cells and virus-infected cells

How do natural killer (NK) cells identify their targets?

By recognizing cell surface carbohydrates on target cells

Which group of proteins work by attacking microorganisms directly or by inhibiting their reproduction?

Interferon and complement proteins

What is the main role of interferon in the body?

Activating macrophages and mobilizing NK cells

Which proteins are part of the complement system when activated helps destroy pathogens and enhance the inflammatory response?

C1, C2, C9

What is the primary function of adaptive immunity?

Clearing specific foreign matter

What does the immune system primarily protect against?

Invading microorganisms, cancer cells, and transplanted organs/grafts

Which type of immunity involves B cells?

Humoral immunity

What is the purpose of leukocytosis in the body's defense mechanisms?

To increase numbers of white blood cells in the bloodstream

Which of the following is NOT an example of protective chemicals in the skin and mucous membranes?

Release of cortisol from adrenal glands

What is the primary function of natural killer (NK) cells in innate immunity?

Destroy infected body cells

What is the physiological response to tissue injury that results in signs of inflammation?

Vasodilation of arterioles

Which type of immunity involves T cells?

Cellular immunity

Test your knowledge of the body's defense mechanisms against external and internal insults, including lymphocytes, cytokines, MHCs, humoral vs cell-mediated immunity, and innate and adaptive immunity. Explore the two intrinsic defense systems and their cooperative role in protecting the body from diseases.

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