ICT National and International Policies for Teaching and Learning

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What is the Medium-Term Development Plan of the Philippines (MTPDP) aiming to achieve by harnessing ICT?

Capacity development

When was the Restructured Basic Education Curriculum launched?


What was the main focus of the DepEd Computerization Program (DCP)?

Helping schools participate in ICT-related programs

According to Arinto (2006), what perspective do the policy statements on ICT integration in Philippine primary education reflect?

Human development perspective

Which perspective continues to influence ICT integration in Philippine primary education according to Avalos (2003)?

Human capital perspective

What are the eight policy themes commonly identified in educational technology policies?

  1. Vision & planning 2) ICT Infrastructure 3) Teachers 4) Skills & Competencies 5) Learning Resources 6) EMIS 7) Monitoring & Evaluation 8) Equity, Inclusion, & Safety

What is the purpose of the SABER-ICT policy framework?

It helps policymakers benchmark the current state of related policy development, look forward to potential future policy directions, and gain inspiration from other countries.

How can teachers use ICT tools for effective teaching according to Schmidt, et al. (2009)?

As an important tool for information communication technology development for learning and teaching.

What is the main aim of a National ICT Policy?

To bring digital technology to all individuals and communities.

What is the relationship between ICT and Education according to the text?

It has been one of rapid change from technology to learning.

Study Notes

ICT and Education

  • The relationship between ICT and Education has undergone rapid change, with schools determining new technologies and models for teacher professional development.

ICT Policy Frameworks

  • National ICT Policy: aims to bring digital technology to all individuals and communities.
  • Eight common policy themes in educational technology policies:
    • Vision & Planning
    • ICT Infrastructure
    • Teachers
    • Learning Resources
    • EMIS
    • Skills & Competencies
    • Monitoring & Evaluation
    • Equity, Inclusion, & Safety
  • SABER-ICT policy framework: a useful tool for policymakers to benchmark policy development and inspire future directions.

Philippines' ICT Policies and Initiatives

  • Medium-Term Development Plan of the Philippines (MTPDP): ICT is harnessed for capacity development, targeting goals like basic education for all and lifelong learning.
  • Restructured Basic Education Curriculum (2002): aimed to implement an interactive curriculum and integrate technology in instruction and education, with emphasis on computer literacy.
  • DepEd Computerization Program (DCP): implemented to help schools participate in ICT-related programs.
  • Policy statements on ICT integration in Philippine primary education reflect a human development perspective (Arinto, 2006).
  • Influences a human capital perspective (Avalos, 2003).

Explore the impact of ICT national and international policies on teaching and learning. Learn about the use of virtual classrooms and the evolving relationship between technology and education. Discover how ICT tools can enhance teaching effectiveness.

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