Hypothesis Testing for Average Age of Heart Disease Patients

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In the first scenario, what is the null hypothesis (H0) for the test?

µ = 50

What is the decision rule for rejecting the null hypothesis in the first scenario?

Reject H0 if Z ≥ 1.64

In the second scenario, what is the alternative hypothesis (H1) for the test?

p > 0.75

What is the sample proportion (p) in the second scenario?


What is the calculated Z value in the second scenario?


What does rejecting the null hypothesis at alpha = 0.05 indicate in both scenarios?

The average age is greater than 50.

In a hypothesis test H0: p=0.55 versus H1: p< 0.55 where p is a population proportion, what is the value of the test statistics closest to?


The distribution is negatively skewed if the arithmetic mean is:

Less than the median

What type of graphical presentation is most common for discrete data?

Bar chart, frequency polygon

What measure of central tendency cannot be used with skewed data?


The value set for α is known as:

The significance level

Which hypothesis is the analyst trying to prove in a hypothesis test?

Alternative hypothesis

What type of t-test will be used to compare the number of hours of sleep after taking a placebo and after taking a pill claiming to be better than a placebo for 50 patients?

A paired sample t-test

If a calculated t value is less than the tabulated t value, what decision would be made in the hypothesis test?

Accept the null hypothesis


The significance level

Test your understanding of hypothesis testing with this question about the average age of patients with heart disease. Use the given data, significance level, and critical value to determine if the average age is more than 50 years.

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