Hygienic Care and Decubitus Ulcer

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Which of the following is a common site of the body that is prone to the development of pressure sores?


What is the correct definition of hygiene based on Dr. Heba Elsayed's outline?

The science of promoting health

What is the correct definition of pediculosis?

An infestation of lice

What are the important points related to nail care based on Dr. Heba Elsayed's outline?

Trimming nails regularly

What is the correct anatomy of the hair based on Dr. Heba Elsayed's outline?

Hair cortex, hair medulla, and hair cuticle

Study Notes

Pressure Sores

  • Common sites of the body prone to pressure sore development include bony prominences, such as the hips, heels, and elbows.


  • Hygiene is defined as the practices and habits that help to maintain health and prevent disease.


  • Pediculosis is a parasitic infestation of the skin, particularly the scalp, caused by lice.

Nail Care

  • Important points related to nail care include:
  • Keeping the nails clean and short
  • Trimming the nails straight across to prevent ingrown toenails
  • Avoiding the use of nails as tools
  • Not sharing nail care instruments

Hair Anatomy

  • The anatomy of the hair consists of:
  • The root, which is the portion of the hair that is below the skin surface
  • The shaft, which is the visible portion of the hair
  • The bulb, which is the thickened portion of the hair at the base of the root
  • The hair follicle, which is the tube-like structure in the skin from which the hair grows

Learn about the definitions and importance of hygienic care, factors influencing personal hygiene, different activities concerned with personal cleaning, and the anatomy and function of the skin. Understand the definition, causes, progression mechanisms, signs and symptoms, and susceptibility factors related to decubitus ulcers.

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