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What is the term used for converting energy normally lost through braking into electrical energy in hybrid vehicles?

Regenerative braking

When did the Toyota Prius become available on the Japanese market, making it the world's first commercially mass-produced and marketed hybrid automobile?


Which famous inventor developed the first vehicle with hybrid technology?

Thomas Edison

What voltage is typically available from the battery of an electric vehicle, also known as a Mild hybrid?


Which of the following manufacturers introduced the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle internationally?

Toyota Prius

What is NOT considered an advantage of hybrid vehicles?

Initial cost is low

Which of the following is a type of hybrid vehicle that is not mentioned in the text?

Vertical hybrid

What does a generator do in a hybrid vehicle, according to the text?

It converts chemical energy into electrical energy.

In a mild hybrid vehicle, what does the electric motor primarily act as?

Hydro boost

What does MHEV stand for in the context of hybrid vehicles?

Micro hybrid electric vehicle

What system uses the smallest battery size among the listed options?

Micro hybrid

Which device couples the Internal Combustion Engine and electric motor in a parallel hybrid vehicle?

Mechanical device

Study Notes

Hybrid Car Manufacturers

  • Mild hybrids have a fuel efficiency 10-15% more than conventional hybrid systems.
  • The battery of an electric vehicle, also known as a Mild hybrid, typically has a voltage of 48V.
  • The MHEV system consists of a 48V battery.

Hybrid Vehicle History

  • The Toyota Prius was the world's first commercially mass-produced and marketed hybrid automobile, available on the Japanese market in 1997.
  • Ferdinand Porsche developed the first vehicle with hybrid technology.

Hybrid Vehicle Technology

  • Hybrid vehicles convert energy lost through braking into electrical energy, a process known as Regenerative braking.
  • Regenerative braking involves reclaiming heat from the brake and using it for power.
  • A generator in a hybrid vehicle converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
  • Start-stop technology helps to stop a combustion engine when the vehicle pulls to a stop and restart it when the driver accelerates.
  • MHEV stands for Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle.
  • The electric motor in a hybrid car can also act as a generator.
  • The BAS mild hybrid system uses a belt drive to start the internal combustion engine.

Hybrid Vehicle Types

  • Micro hybrid vehicles have the lowest size of battery.
  • Series hybrid vehicles have a bigger size of battery.
  • There is no type of hybrid electric vehicle called "Vertical".
  • In a parallel hybrid vehicle, the Internal Combustion Engine and electric motor are coupled by a mechanical device.
  • The combustion engine can operate in a wide RPM range, even as a car changes speed.

Test your knowledge on hybrid car manufacturers and systems. Questions range from fuel efficiency of mild hybrids to voltage outputs in electric vehicles. Learn interesting facts about the world's first mass-produced hybrid automobile.

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