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Human Reproductive System: Gametes and Sperm Production

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What is the main function of Sertoli cells in the seminiferous tubules?

To control sperm production and create the blood-testes barrier

Why do the dartos and cremaster muscles contract in cold weather or cold water?

To keep the testes warm and at a stable temperature

What is the purpose of the tunica albuginea in the testes?

To cover the testes and separate each one into lobules

How many chromosomes do a sperm cell and an oocyte combine to form?


What is the role of the seminiferous tubules in the testes?

To develop sperm

Why is it important for the testes to be at a cooler temperature than normal body temperature?

To optimize sperm production and development

What happens to the corpus luteum if pregnancy does not occur within 10-12 days?

It degrades and progesterone decreases

What determines the amount of milk produced in breast milk?

None of the above

What is the term for the process of developing sperm cells?


What is the purpose of the placebo pills in hormonal birth control?

To initiate menses

How many sperm cells are produced from one spermatogonia cell?


What is the primary factor that determines the development of male reproductive system?

Y chromosome

What is the effect of poor nutrition on puberty in females?

It leads to an earlier onset of puberty

What is the main function of the mitochondria in the midpiece of the sperm cell?

To produce ATP

Where do the newly formed sperm cells continue to mature?


What is a characteristic of puberty in males?

Hair growth and deepening of the voice

What is the percentage of sperm in semen?


What is the function of the bulbourethral glands?

To release fluid to lubricate and clean away urine residue

What is the term for the failure of one or both testes to descend into the scrotum prior to birth?


What is the hormone responsible for differentiating male sexual reproductive organs in a fetus?


What is the structure that protects the urethra and female reproductive system in the female external reproductive area?

Labia minora

What is the term for the external female reproductive area?


What is the primary function of the microorganisms present in the vagina?

To protect from pathogens

What is the approximate duration of an ovarian cycle?

28 days

What is the term for the growth and development of follicles?


What is the number of cells that an oocyte can split into during meiosis?


What is the type of cell that inherits mitochondrial DNA from the mother?

Haploid ovum

What is the term for the death of multiple follicles during the ovarian cycle?


What is the hormone that stimulates the granulosa and theca cells to produce estrogen?


What is the structure that forms from the collapsed follicle after ovulation?

Corpus luteum

What is the purpose of the cilia in the uterine tubes?

To create a current for the oocyte to travel

What is the phase of the menstrual cycle characterized by the regeneration of the endometrium?

Proliferative phase

Learn about the role of gametes in human reproduction, including the formation and function of sperm cells. This quiz covers the production of sperm in the testes and how they are transported to the female reproductive tract.

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