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Which of the following is NOT a major organ system in the human body?

Muscular system

Which of the following is responsible for the production of insulin in the human body?


Which of the following is NOT a function of the skeletal system?

Production of red blood cells

Study Notes

Organ Systems

  • The human body has several major organ systems, but the correct answer is not provided in the options.

Insulin Production

  • Insulin is produced by the pancreas in the human body.

Skeletal System Functions

  • The skeletal system has several functions, including:
    • Providing structural support and protection for internal organs
    • Facilitating movement through attachment to muscles
    • Producing blood cells
    • Storing minerals such as calcium and phosphate

Test your knowledge of human physiology with this quiz! Identify the major organ systems, discover the source of insulin production, and learn about the functions of the skeletal system. Can you answer all the questions correctly?

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