Human Impacts on Ecosystems

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What term is used to describe pollution that is caused by humans?


How does habitat fragmentation affect animals and plants?

Forces them to relearn how to survive

What is the consequence of breaking an ecosystem into smaller chunks by building structures or roads?

Habitat destruction

What happens when humans alter the environment in terms of ecosystems?

Ecosystem balance is disturbed

What does 'extinctions' mean in the context of the text?

'Ceasing to exist'

What happens to carnivores when herbivores start to die off due to the destruction of plant species?

They also start dying off due to lack of food

How does run-off from farms affect organisms in water ecosystems?

It brings harmful sediments that block sunlight and hinder growth

How does red tide impact marine life?

It affects fish and filter feeders negatively

What is a way to help prevent future extinctions according to the text?

Conserving habitats of endangered species

How can humans reduce their impact on the environment according to the text?

Use renewable energy sources like solar power

Explore the ways in which human activities affect ecosystem balance and biodiversity. Learn about the consequences of habitat destruction, land clearing, pollution, and species extinctions caused by human interference in the environment.

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