Human-Computer Interaction Basics

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What was the significance of the Xerox Alto in the development of personal computing?

It introduced the concept of Graphical User Interface (GUI)

What was the inspiration behind the Macintosh desktop metaphor?

A physical office environment

When did the field of Human-Computer Interaction emerge?

In the late 1970s

What was the primary goal of the field of Human-Computer Interaction?

To improve the user experience across multiple platforms

Who developed the Xerox Alto?


What was the significance of the desktop metaphor in the development of personal computing?

It mapped the physical office environment onto a computer interface

What is the primary purpose of conducting a pilot test in usability testing?

To refine the testing process and materials

What role do computer engineers play in the development of technology interfaces?

Developing hardware components

How has technology advancement impacted usability testing?

Enabled remote usability testing

What is the relationship between computer science and human-computer interaction (HCI)?

They are interconnected, influencing the development of user-friendly technology interfaces

What aspect of user experience is directly influenced by hardware design?

The user's ability to interact with the system

What is the primary focus of computer science in the context of HCI?

Providing the technical foundation for software interfaces

What was the impact of the growing influence of the Internet in the 90s on Human-Computer Interaction?

It enabled computers to be used as communication tools.

What is the focus of the third wave in Human-Computer Interaction?

The diversification of computing devices.

What is the term for the process of conveying information through sight?

Visual channel

What is the term for the mental processes and mechanisms by which humans perceive, interpret, store, and retrieve information from their environment?

Human input

What is the term for the mental processes and mechanisms by which humans move and manipulate objects?

Movement cognition

What is the term for the sense of touch and the feedback we receive from interacting with objects?

Haptic feedback

Test your knowledge of Human-Computer Interaction, a field of research and practice that focuses on designing user interfaces for connected devices. Learn about its evolution, importance, and concept of the desktop metaphor.

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