How well do you know 'Kimi no Na wa' (Your Name)?

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Which anime is the focus of the text?

Your Name

Where does Mitsuha live?


What does Mitsuha do to make traditional sake?

Chew rice

Where does Taki live?


What is the name of the kami that Mitsuha's family worships?


What is Shinto?

Shinto is a religion originating from Japan that is often regarded as Japan's indigenous and nature religion.

How do practitioners of Shinto refer to themselves?

Practitioners of Shinto rarely refer to themselves as Shintoists.

What are the supernatural entities in Shinto called?

The supernatural entities in Shinto are called kami.

Where are the kami worshiped in Shinto?

The kami are worshiped at kamidana household shrines, family shrines, and jinja public shrines.

Who oversees offerings to the kami at jinja public shrines?

Priests known as kannushi oversee offerings to the kami at jinja public shrines.

Test your knowledge on the beloved anime film 'Kimi no Na wa' (Your Name) with this quiz! Explore the storyline, characters, and themes of this Shinto-inspired movie that follows the lives of Mitsuha and Taki. From their unique connection to their contrasting lives in the countryside and Tokyo, see how well you know this heartwarming tale released in 2016.

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