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What is the mechanism for protein-based hormones to work?

They activate the 2nd messenger system

Why are the second messengers called '2nd messengers'?

Because the hormone is the 1st messenger

What happens when protein-based hormones bind on the outside of the cell?

They activate the receptor

What is the function of steroid-based hormones?

To bind on the inside of the cell

Which hormones rely on the 2nd messenger system for their action?

Protein-based hormones

Why do protein and peptide hormones have to rely on activating the receptor for their action?

Because they cannot cross the cell membrane

What is the role of cyclic AMP in the cellular process?

It activates protein kinases

What is the function of g proteins in the cellular process described?

Activates adenylate cyclase

Which molecule is involved in the production of cyclic AMP?

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

What is the role of protein kinases in the cellular process?

Add a phosphate group to enzymes

Which molecule is produced by adenylate cyclase?

Cyclic AMP

What is the main function of adenylate cyclase in the cellular process?

To produce cyclic AMP

What activates the g proteins in the cellular process?

Hormone binding to the receptor

What is the function of ATP in the production of cyclic AMP?

Donates phosphate groups

Protein-based hormones bind on the ______ of the cell


Steroid-based hormones bind on the ______ of the cell


The 2nd messenger system relies on the activation of the ______


The production of 2nd messengers occurs on the ______ of the cell


The 1st messenger is the ______


The 2nd messengers are produced on the ______ of the cell


ATP stands for adenosine ______


Cyclic AMP is a type of ______

second messenger

AMP is a molecule with ______ phosphate group


The 'c' in cyclic AMP stands for ______


Adenylate cyclase produces ______

cyclic AMP

Protein kinases add a ______ group


The process of adding a phosphate to enzymes is called ______


Phosphorylation makes certain enzymes more ______


G proteins activate an enzyme called ______ cyclase


The activation of g proteins is triggered by hormone ______


Test your knowledge about the mechanisms of protein-based and steroid-based hormones. Learn about how these hormones bind to cells and the different terminologies for their actions.

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