History of Science, Engineering & Technology Class Rules by Dr. Wafaa Shalash

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What is the primary focus of Chapter 1 of the History of Science, Engineering & Technology?

Understanding the definition of Science, Engineering, and Technology

What is the main goal after the presentation in Chapter 1?

Discovering human limitations and the technology used to overcome them

According to Nelson Mandela, what does vision without action represent?

Merely day dreaming

What is the weightage of the Final Exam in the Grading System?


What is the focus of Chapter 3 in the History of Science, Engineering & Technology?

History of Computers

What is the primary method through which we gain knowledge about our world?

Observing and experimenting

What is the relationship between science, engineering, and technology?

Engineers use science to design their technologies

Which step of the Engineering Design Process involves creating possible solutions and selecting the best one?

Design a solution; BRAINSTORM

What do communication technologies refer to?

Devices that allow humans to share ideas through drawings, written reports, pictures, and audio/visual recordings

What are bioengineering technologies primarily focused on?

Improving health and daily lives

Learn the rules of the History of Science, Engineering & Technology class by Dr. Wafaa Shalash, Associated Professor at Faculty of Computers and AI, Benha University. Adhere to guidelines for attendance, behavior, and communication to create a conducive learning environment.

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