History of Microscopy in Biological Science

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What was the major step in biological science achieved through the use of the first microscope?

First observation of cellular architecture of tissues

How can the overall measurement error in histology be reduced based on the text?

By reducing errors in the instrument, observer, and sample analysis

What is a key aspect of Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) based on the text?

Enhanced magnification to observe large molecular complexes

What is a key advantage of computational microscopy in the context of microscopic images?

Decrease in the degree of error due to technical artifacts

Which precision microscopy technique utilizes antibodies against cell components and metabolic probes for fluorescence analysis?

Fluorescent Microscopy

In Immunohistochemistry (IHC), what forms the basis for identifying the antigen profile of cells?

Proteins inducing antibody generation in different animal species

Which aspect of an instrument refers to the precision of the objective measurements on the image?


What aspect of a sample is crucial for repeated observations and is represented by an unique marker?


What is the main limitation of using fixed cells and tissues for microscopy?

Static images that do not show movements

In what way do last generation microscopes equipped with high-resolution digital videocameras surpass human vision capabilities?

By discriminating a broader chromatic and intensity light range

Explore the evolution of microscopy tools from the first microscope to Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). Learn about the major advancements that allowed for the observation of cellular architecture and subcellular structures, leading to the study of cell morphology and tissue functions.

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