History of Bahrain and the Salafi Movement

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Why did the British grant Qatar protection?

In exchange for oil concessions

What were some consequences of the Second World War on Qatar's economy and society?

Decrease in oil drilling and closure of the Anglo-Persian Company

Why did Sheikh Abdullah leave the rule to Sheikh Ali in 1949?

Health reasons

Who was the first Sheikh to rule Bahrain?

Sheikh Ahmed Al Khalifa

Who did the British appoint as the political agent in Qatar in 1949?

John Wilton

What was the outcome of the Battle of Ras Tanura?

Atoub won and later left for Kuwait

Which alliance led to the establishment of the first Saudi state?

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab and Amir Mohammed bin Saud

What triggered the Battle of Um Swaya in 1847?

Mohammad bin Khalifa taking rule from his grandfather in Bahrain

In what year did Ibrahim launch a major attack on Zubara and occupied Qatar?


Which country prepared a campaign to attack Qatar in 1788?


How did Britain justify its control over the Arabian Gulf?

Ending piracy, weapon trade, and slave trade

Which event ended the triangular state that included Qatif, Qatar, and Bahrain?

Ottoman Sultan Mohammad Ali Pasha's campaigns

Where can historical resources about Qatar be found?

Amiri Diwan

What is the difference between a source and a reference?

A source refers to the original primary material, more important than a reference.

When did the modern and contemporary history of Qatar start?

In 1868 under the leadership of Sheikh Mohammad bin Al-Thani.

Which of the following is a source of Qatari modern and contemporary history?

Unpublished documents in English like Bombay Government Records

Where are the Amiri Diwan Turkish documents located?

In the Amiri Diwan itself

Which type of historical resource is the National Heritage of Qatar?

Primary source material

What was the main reason the Ottomans were able to seize Al-Ahsa' in the 16th century?

Being busy with the Safavid state in Iran

Who ruled Qatar until the 18th century?

Bani Khalid

What basis was the First Saudi State founded on?

Salafist (Wahhabi) dawa

What opportunity allowed the British to extend their influence over the Gulf region?

Departure of the Ottomans

Where did the Atoub tribes settle under the hospitality of Al-Musalum families?


What was the reason for Atoub tribes migrating from Najd centuries ago?

Tribal conflicts

Why did the ruler of Bahrain and the ruler of Abu Dhabi not invade Doha?

Because of the presence of some Saudi force in Doha

What led to the blockade of Doha by Al Khalifa?

They wanted to prevent supplies from reaching Doha

Why did the Qatari tribes decide to take revenge on Al Khalifa?

Al Khalifa attacked Qatar during the diving season

What happened as a result of the Battle of Damsa (Al Wakra Incident)?

Some Al Khalifa Sheikhs were arrested

Why did Mohammed bin Khalifa imprison Sheikh Jassem in Bahrain?

As part of a negotiation strategy

What caused the Battle of Al-Wakra market?

An attack on a convoy of Al-Naeem by Al Khalifa

Explore the history of Bahrain, from Sheikh Ahmed Al Khalifa to the establishment of the first Saudi state through Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab's Salafist Dawah. Learn about the Saudi relationship with Qatar and key historical events.

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