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Who stated that an individual organism’s biological development summarizes its species’ evolutionary development?

Ernst Mayr

Which scientist elucidated the DNA structure?

Francis Crick and James Watson

Who believes in the relevance of mutations for evolution only for inherited characters?

Ernst Mayr

Which scientist contributed greatly to understanding the process by which species arise?

Thomas Morgan

Who believes that individuals having variations advantageous for survival pass on their traits to future generations?

Charles Darwin

Who proposed the modern system of naming organisms?

Carolus Linnaeus

Which scientist proposed the idea of natural selection?

None of the above

Who conducted groundbreaking experiments on pea plants in the mid-19th century?

Gregor Mendel

Which scientist proposed the idea that organisms can pass on acquired characteristics to their offspring?

Jean Baptiste Lamarck

Who proposed the idea that processes that alter the Earth are the same through time?

Charles Lyell

Test your knowledge on famous biologists and their contributions to the field of biology with this quiz. From Linnaeus to Cuvier, learn about their theories and observations that shaped our understanding of living organisms.

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