Historical Antecedents of Modern Testing Quiz

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What were written tests used for in ancient China?

To assess language competence for prospective civil servants

How were tests used in Greek education?

To assess mastery in physical and intellectual skills

What did European universities rely on in the middle ages for awarding degrees and honors?

Formal examinations

What was common before the 19th century for psychologically disturbed or intellectually disabled individuals?

Inhuman treatment

What characterized mental retardation according to the text?

Intellectual deficits present from birth or in early infancy

Study Notes

Ancient China

  • Written tests were used to select government officials in ancient China

Greek Education

  • Tests were used to evaluate students' knowledge and mastery of subjects in Greek education

Medieval European Universities

  • Oral examinations were relied on for awarding degrees and honors in European universities during the Middle Ages

Treatment of Intellectually Disabled Individuals

  • Before the 19th century, individuals who were psychologically disturbed or intellectually disabled were often institutionalized or ostracized

Mental Retardation

  • Mental retardation was characterized by significant limitations in intellectual functioning and adaptive behaviors

Test your knowledge of the historical origins of testing methods with this quiz. Explore the ancient Chinese civil service testing, Greek educational testing, and European university examinations.

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