Histology of Bone Tissue

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Where do Sharpey's fibers extend from in the bone?

Outer fibrous layer

Which component represents about 35% of the organic component of the bone matrix?

Collagen fibers type I

Which type of bone cells are large, ovoid or polygonal, and imprisoned inside one lacuna?


What is the main function of the endosteum in the bone?

Helps bone growth and repair

What type of cells are monocytes in the bone marrow that transform into osteoclasts?

Osteogenic cells

What are the main components of bone tissue?

Cells, fibers, and ground substances

What is the main difference between bone and cartilage at the histological level?

Minerals accumulate in the bone matrix leading to calcification

Which layer of the periosteum contains dense collagen fibers, fibroblasts, and blood vessels?

Outer fibrous layer

What type of cells are responsible for osteogenesis in the periosteum?

Osteogenic cells

What physiological activities control the continuous formation and remodeling of bone tissue?

Varying environmental and hormonal activities

This quiz covers the general characteristics of bone tissue, including its cellular composition, matrix, vascularity, and dynamic nature. It also touches upon the similarities between bone and cartilage.

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