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Which dance style incorporates elements like rapping?

Hip-hop dance

What is the primary benefit of stretching exercises?

Increases flexibility and prevents injury

Which muscle group is primarily targeted in push-ups?

Chest muscles

Which hip-hop dance style involves holding geometric shapes?


What type of exercise does hip-hop dance fall under?

Aerobic exercise

What is the primary benefit of dancing?

Better coordination, strength, and balance

Which dance style is characterized by free, expressive, and exaggerated movements?


Which type of exercise does hip-hop exercise fall under?

Aerobic exercise

Which muscle group is primarily targeted in ballet?

Leg muscles

What is the main purpose of stretching exercises?

Increase flexibility and prevent injury

'Shuffling' in the context of hip-hop dance involves what type of motion?

Heel-and-toe motion

Study Notes

Dance Styles

  • Street dance evolved outside of studios
  • Hip-hop dance involves rapping and incorporates several iconic elements
  • Tap dance involves rapid, repetitive foot movements
  • Ballet primarily targets leg muscles

Hip-Hop Dance

  • Tutting involves geometric shapes
  • Locking is characterized by holding positions
  • Popping is characterized by free, expressive, and exaggerated movements
  • Shuffling involves a quick heel-and-toe motion
  • Krumping, locking, popping, shuffling, tutting, and waacking are styles to be incorporated in a hip-hop dance group performance

Fitness and Exercise

  • Dancing provides advantages such as better coordination, strength, and balance
  • Leading a dance training workshop is physically, socially, and mentally beneficial for both organizers and participants
  • Hip-hop exercise falls under aerobic exercise
  • Aerobic exercise increases heart rate and oxygen consumption
  • Stretching exercises increase flexibility and prevent injury
  • Circuit training emphasizes endurance
  • Push-ups primarily target chest muscles
  • Dancing contributes to lifelong fitness and increases mental functioning

Test your knowledge on hip-hop and street dances with questions about dance styles, benefits, advantages, and purposes of dance training workshops. Learn about tutting, locking, and other elements of these popular dance forms.

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