Hemophilia B: Clinical Presentations and Characteristics

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What causes bleeding to occur after extraction or surgical intervention in patients with hemophilia A and B?

Delayed platelet plug formation

Why does bleeding start immediately after extraction or surgical intervention in patients with normal coagulation parameters?

Delayed platelet plug formation

Which factor deficiency characterizes hemophilia A?

Factor VIII deficiency

Why do patients with hemophilia A and B typically experience spontaneous bleeding in joints and muscles?

Impaired clot formation due to fibrin deficiency

What is the factor deficiency in hemophilia B?

Factor IX

What should be requested by dentists in patients undergoing dental procedures to assess bleeding risk?

Bleeding time, clotting time, and Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT)

What distinguishes hemophilia C from hemophilia A and B?

Factor XI deficiency

How does aspirin affect platelet functions when used continuously in small doses?

Impairs platelet functions for 7-10 days

In patients with chronic renal failure undergoing peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis, when do platelet dysfunctions typically occur?

24-48 hours after the procedure

What is the characteristic inheritance pattern of hemophilia A?

X-linked recessive

Which factor deficiency characterizes Hemophilia A?

Factor VIII deficiency

What is the effect of Hemophilia A on bleeding time and clotting time?

Bleeding time is prolonged, clotting time is normal

What is the key factor in the management of bleeding time during dental procedures in patients with von Willebrand Disease?

Administering desmopressin

Why is antibiotic prophylaxis important for patients with hemophilia A before dental procedures?

To reduce the risk of bacterial endocarditis

Which of the following oral manifestations is NOT typically associated with hemophilia B?

Swollen parotid glands

In patients with hemophilia A, which factor is deficient leading to impaired blood clotting?

Factor VIII

What radiographic feature is commonly observed in patients with parahemophilia due to factor V deficiency?

Hair-on-end appearance

What is the most common hereditary cause of spontaneous intraoral bleeding?

Von Willebrand Disease

Learn about the most common clinical presentations of Hemophilia B, including hematoma, oral and nose bleeding, and more. Understand the characteristics of Hemophilia B, a factor IX deficiency also known as Christmas Disease, which may not always cause clinical symptoms. Explore the differences between Hemophilia A and B in terms of bleeding time and surgical interventions.

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