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Which of the following can be expressed as h = u + pv?

Internal Energy

What is the formula for specific enthalpy?

h = H/m

What does the SI unit for specific enthalpy represent?

Joule per kilogram

Enthalpy change is the difference between the enthalpy of the

Reactants and the products

Specific volume can be calculated as the reciprocal of which property?


What is the relationship between enthalpy change for the reverse process and the forward process?

They are negative of each other

What is a common standard enthalpy change that has been determined for many substances?

Enthalpy of formation

Where are enthalpy changes commonly measured and compiled?

Physical reference works

In recognized terms, what property is simply termed the enthalpy of the 'process'?

Enthalpy of 'process'

How is specific volume related to the density of a substance?


Test your knowledge on heat capacity, specific heat, molar heat capacity, and their variations with temperature for pure substances.

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