Health Promotion and Individuality in Nursing

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What does health promotion revolve around?

Philosophy of wholeness, wellness, and well-being

According to Cannon (1939), what does homeostasis describe?

Relative constancy of internal body processes

What does holism emphasize in nursing?

Keeping the whole person in mind

What is self-regulation in the context of health?

Homeostasis mechanisms that operate automatically in healthy individuals

How do open systems differ from closed systems?

Open systems exchange energy, matter, and information with their environment

What is the concept of individuality in nursing focused on?

Helping clients achieve an optimal level of health

What is the role of feedback in a system?

Returning some output of the system as input

Which theorist is known for proposing the hierarchy of needs theory?

Abraham Maslow

What are considered as physiological needs in the hierarchy of needs?

Water, air, food, shelter

What does throughput refer to in a system?

Transformation within the system

In Kalish's adaptation of Maslow's hierarchy, how many levels did he introduce?


What is the concept related to emotional or psychological balance in a system?

Physiological homeostasis

This quiz explores the concepts of health promotion, individuality, holism, and homeostasis in nursing practice. It covers understanding clients' needs, maintaining holistic care, and promoting overall well-being.

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