Health Care System in Pakistan

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What entities make up the health care delivery system in Pakistan?

Public, private, and NGOs

According to the WHO, how is health defined?

A state of complete physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being

What important role did Local Governments acquire in the health care delivery system in Pakistan from 2014 onwards?

Responsibilities and resources in health care delivery

Who is primarily responsible for health according to the constitution of Pakistan?


Which level of government in Pakistan has the responsibility for health policy implementation?

Provincial Governments

What is the primary purpose of a Health Care System?

Promote, restore, or maintain health

In the context of Health Services facilities in Pakistan, which facility services the smallest population?


What is the function of the District Nazim/Deputy Commissioner in the Local Government District Health System?

Planning, implementation, monitoring, and planning

How many Teaching Hospitals are typically present in each division according to the text?


What is the role of Paramedic Training Schools in the Health Care System?

Training paramedics and nurses

Explore the health care delivery system in Pakistan, including the roles of public, private, and NGO sectors. Learn about the responsibilities of the government in improving health at individual, family, and community levels. Understand the key partners and stakeholders involved in the health care system of Pakistan.

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