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Harlem Renaissance: The Great Migration

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What was a common theme in Black Renaissance art during the Harlem Renaissance?

Romanticizing scenes of black figures in everyday life

What was notable about Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller's sculpture 'Ethiopia Awakening'?

It was a symbol of rebirth, with a black woman wrapped in linen to her waist but free from the waist up

Why did middle-class African Americans initially resist jazz music?

They associated it with lower-class entertainment

What was notable about the Cotton Club, a famous jazz nightclub in Harlem?

It only allowed white patrons, despite hosting famous black musicians

What was characteristic of Langston Hughes' writing style?

It combined the rhythm of jazz with poetry

What was a significant factor leading to the Harlem Renaissance movement?

The Great Migration

What was a major reason why African Americans left the South during the Great Migration?

To escape the racism and violence in the South

What was the primary purpose of Black codes during the Reconstruction era?

To restrict the lives of newly freed slaves

What was a common phenomenon in the South during the early 20th century?


What was the impact of Jim Crow laws on African Americans?

They restricted their access to education and jobs

What was the main reason millions of African Americans moved north during WWI?

Better economic and social situation

What was the theme of Claude McKay's poem 'If We Must Die'?

The struggle for equality and respect

What was the name of the book that laid the foundation for the intellectual ideas of the Harlem Renaissance movement?

The New Negro: An Interpretation

What was a major theme in Harlem Renaissance art?

Appreciation of the culture lost through the African Diaspora

What was the name of the organization founded during the Harlem Renaissance that is still active today?


Learn about the Harlem Renaissance, a cultural and intellectual movement in the 1920s, and its roots in the Great Migration of African Americans from the South to Northern cities.

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