Hand Picking for Pest Control

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What is the primary purpose of hand picking in pest management?

To manually remove pests and weeds from the environment

Which of the following tools is NOT typically used in hand picking?

Pesticide sprayer

What is the main advantage of using hand picking in pest management?

It is a cost-effective method that eliminates the need for pesticides

What is the primary focus of hand picking in terms of pest removal?

Removing adult pests and weeds

In what situations is hand picking most effective?

In small-scale gardens or greenhouses

Study Notes

Hand Picking Method

  • A manual method of pest control that involves removing pests by hand
  • Involves picking off insects or removing weeds manually
  • Uses tools such as tweezers, brushes, and vacuum cleaners to remove pests
  • A way to control pests without using chemicals or pesticides

Learn about the manual method of pest control which involves physically removing insects and weeds by hand or using tools like tweezers, brushes, and vacuum cleaners.

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