Greek Philosophy: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle

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What is the known relationship between Socrates and Plato?

Teacher and student

How is Socrates described in the text?

Ugly but intelligent

What is one of the works related to education mentioned in the text?


How did Socrates initiate philosophical dialogue?

By asking questions

Who wrote about the dialogues between Socrates and some Athenians?


What is the philosophical approach associated with Socrates and Plato?


What did Socrates believe human beings learned?

Recollection of innate knowledge

What was the purpose of Socratic questioning?

To lead students to a desired conclusion

According to Plato, what is justice in an individual person?

Balanced reasoning and emotion

What are the three groups of people that a just country should have according to Plato?

Guardians, auxillaries, and producers

What is the purpose of education for auxillaries according to Plato?

To acquire moral values and loyalty

What did Socrates prove through his questioning of the slave boy?

The existence of innate knowledge in human beings

What is the theory of recollection according to Socrates?

The theory that knowledge is innate and recollected by human beings

What are the three qualities that should be balanced in an individual according to Plato?

Reason, emotion, and physical aspects

'Socratic Questioning' is a method used for teaching which concept?

'Critical Thinking'

What type of questions are characteristic of 'Socratic Questioning'?

Leading questions towards a desired conclusion

Test your knowledge of Greek philosophy by answering questions about the lives and teachings of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Learn about their contributions to the field of philosophy and their unique perspectives on reality and knowledge.

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